Mother Earth


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Mother Earth is a 2D-Adventure for Android that captivates with it's pseudo-three-dimensional visuals and a special message (the destruction of the earth by humans).


You play as "Mother Earth" and guide our planet through several development stages, starting in a fiery, volcanic landscape up to a blooming, living world. The progress is being promoted in solving little puzzles.


The game is a project of the 2nd Semester (1st project phase) from my study at Mediadesign University Munich.



My role in the team: (Lead) Game Designer / Level Designer / 2D Artist


Concrete tasks:

  • Writing a Game Design Document
  • Designing the complete course and content of the game
  • Conception of puzzles
  • Gameworld/Level Design (asset placement in Unity engine)
  • Creation of various graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator