Realm of the Machines



Coming soon!




Realm of the Machines is a 2D-puzzle game for the PC. The game stands out with unique visuals and presentation as well as a simple yet clever main mechanic.


The journey of Pi – member of the curious robot people called „mimics“ – through a fantastic world is central to the game.

As the player, you have to solve puzzles by connecting gearwheels with a string in order to bring the mechanisms behind them to life and thereby allow Pi to enter the next level.


The game is a project of the 6th Semester (4th project phase) from my study at Mediadesign University Munich.



My role in the team: Creative Director / (Lead) Game Designer


Concrete tasks:

  • Writing various conception documents (e.g. Game Design Document and Pitching Document)
  • Leading the team in all design matters
  • Designing the complete course and content of the game
  • Creation of various graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator